Alina Massage Center & Spa, Karama


About Alina Massage Center & Spa, Karama

If you are looking for best Dubai Massage with luxury then you came to the right place. Alina Spa best massage in Dubai is one of the best Dubai massage center. They have new professional and most beautiful staff. They are here to provide the life of luxury which you truly deserve. They consider our clients wish first. For the last five years Alina Spa Center Massage have been dedicated to bringing the best quality Thai, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnam massage service to their clients in Dubai. Alina Spa Center Massage is your trusted partner when it comes to relaxation and professional massage.

Let one of their 15 female therapists transport you to a world of bliss and relaxation. They are located in Al-karama Dubai, call and book for Dubai massage service will be part of your best memories in the Massage Center.

Room 145, Fortune Hotel, Al Karama, Dubai

0556291059, 0554757690



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